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Tulse Luper Journey

2005, Submarine Internship

Screenshot Tulse Luper JourneyThe Tulse Luper Journey is a large, free webgame based on the Tulse Luper movies from Peter Greenaway.

In the game, people research the life and times of the Tulse Luper character. By playing 92 games you can collect 92 one-minute animations, which explore the themes touched upon in the Tulse Luper movies.

An important aim of this project is to stimulate an exchange of ideas between players and help reinterpret the events of the 20th century. This is an ambitious goal, and was supported by Culture 2000 and other generous cultural sponsors.

During my internship at Submarine, I managed the production of about 40 games and animations. I gave conceptual criticism on game and animation proposals, assisted and finalized the development of games, and did most of the communication with the production partners.

Play the game at: www.tulseluperjourney.com

Copyright © 2002-2005 Michaël van Ouwerkerk

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